Young-healthy-couple-in-yogaThe goal of yoga is the attainment of a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility.

Our highly trained teachers will expertly help you achieve a state of inner calmness during the sessions.

Hot yoga is universally recognised as an excellent way to sweat out toxins from your body while performing the mandatory stretches and poses associated with yoga.

The room heat for hot yoga sessions varies between 85•F to 90• F.

This benefits your body and mind by means of meditation and helps achieve a harmony and synchronisation with oneself.

Deep breathing is extremely important and the use of the heat will help to detoxify impurities from the body.

The heat also assists in weight loss and the lowering of anxiety.

Visit us and experience the enjoyment and benefits of all modality types of Hot Yoga!
The Fitness on Fire® Old Studio has separate male/female changing rooms each with shower facilities, mats, lockers, padlock, towel hire.