Corporate Yoga

Yoga classes at workplace

Fitness on Fire offers a package which provides yoga classes at workplace. This package provides the flexibility to have classes before work, during lunch, and after work.

What you will need
• A quiet, comfortable space large enough to use for required number of people,such as boardroom, common room or meeting room with the possibility to move furniture aside.
• Each person will need a yoga mat. Each person will need comfortable clothing that is appropriate for a range of movements. Footwear is not recommended for yoga practice. A water bottle and towel is also recommended to ensure comfort throughout the session.
All Fitness on Fire yoga teachers are qualified, fully certified and insured. All teachers have experience working within smaller and larger groups of people.
About Our Classes
Our yoga classes are open to all-levels and designed to fit the skills levels and abilities of the individuals, even absolute beginners, which is perfect for both an office and studio environment.
We recommend practicing yoga on regular basis, at least twice a week, however once a week classes will have noticeable results.

Reward your employees with a membership card which will give them access to classes in OUR OLD STREET STUDIO, EC1 during any time of the work day or weekend only for 29£ with unlimited monthly access. SIGN UP ONLINE
Fitness on Fire Workplace Wellbeing Package Prices
Prices are on frequency and the length of classes and the number of individuals in the class. Please inquire and Fitness on Fire would be happy to provide a quote based on your needs. Companies can choose to pay for their staff or for employees to pay for themselves at a subsidised corporate rate.