Dear Friends, all reviews are based on wahanda client’s base and can be seen at Fitnessonfire Hot Yoga&Wahanda
Enjoy hot yoga! Peace&love

Posted 4 months ago
“I found out about Fulham studio through my friend – a frequent client of Fitness On Fire. I am a totally beginner so I choose very carefully to make sure the studio actually matches my ability. Because of my friend’s recommendation I decided to try out. And I was totally amazed by how good the classes are – the teacher is very skilful and patient when explaining the moves. I had a great time stretching my body and free my mind – definitely coming back!”

Posted 4 months ago
“I live local so I am visiting Old Street studio every week for yoga classes on Wednesday! The teacher is great and very patient. Girls are very friendly and professional. The shower room is fabulous. Definitely must visit!”

Posted 4 months ago
“This place is wonderful; it feels like different dimension.I went after work for Bikram Yoga and must say it is heaven felt so relaxed and cured for a long time. At first was welcomes with great staff working there and lovely sensual scents of candles were lightened up all over the place
wonderful smell !
Will be defiantly coming back soon….”

Posted 4 months ago
“This is my first time ever to a hot yoga class and the experience so far is just wonderful. My English is quite limited and I was far behind other classmates but the teacher was very kind and patient to show me every little move and step. The Fulham studio is nice and cozy, and they provided free mat and small towel. I don’t mind the shower since I live nearby”

Posted 4 months ago
“I have been FOF’s client for years and I’m absolutely happy with the service provided. Recently they have opened new studio in Fulham, which is more convenient for me since I live nearby. They are still improving the new studio but the quality of the hot yoga class I received is just the same as the Old Street studio. Highly recommended!”

Posted 4 months ago
“Don’t understand why people complain since every time I come to Old Street Studio, I was greeted by very helpful receptionist. I booked all my classes online and the teachers are wonderful. They have got great shower room as well. The price is cheap but the service quality is superb”

Posted 5 months ago
“This place is such good value for money, and the price does not reflect the quality of teaching. You don’t have to be flexible or a dancer to enjoy these classes- you improve at your own rate and feel great doing it!”

Posted 9 months ago
“This studio is in a good location, the room is a good size and a good ambiance. There are many classes with different teachers so they are quite different styles of yoga and teaching styles.”

Posted 10 months ago
“I have been going to fitness on fire for about a year now and I really love it there, it’s close to Old st tube station and it’s also great value for money. If you want high end facilities then this is not the place for you there’s only 3 showers in each changing room. If you want something a bit closer to the spiritual side of yoga I would suggest Austeja for a fun physical workout/challenging I would say Gabrielle, if you want to try out some advanced postures Patrizia is the teacher, my personal favourite is Austeja for me she teaches yoga were it is supposed to come from but that’s just a personal thing, overall the teachers are good. In summarising, good location, good venue, not so good facilities, Ambience improving all the time, Teachers great, Value for your pound fantastic! this place is what you make it, you get what you pay for, you can love it or hate it, I choose love… Come on down.”

Posted 11 months ago
“I’ve always been intrigued about hot yoga so this felt like a perfect opportunity to try it for myself. This is definitely a work out! I never expected the heat to make so much of a difference but it was harder than I thought!”

Posted 1 year ago
“Morning! I have tried my first hot yoga class at fitnessonfire, i have discovered a new path in my life, I am getting addicted to the yoga through day to day, web site of the fitnessonfire studio appear to me as a great online presentation with simple online booking system. I can monitor my credits at my online account on my mobile phone!! which is so useful while I am very busy with my work schedule, a good combination of modern technology with affordable prices! many yoga studios are overpriced for the services which are they providing! see you there!”

Posted 1 year ago
“hi there! For many years of yoga practice I have realised the importance of determination and time investing for your mind and body. Recently, my girlfriend has recommend me a yoga studio based in old street, where I work close by, which is perfect for me. Pleasant joy after yoga workout and relaxation is garanteed, do not limit yourself with morning sessions are 90 min long are great for starting your day fresh!”

Posted 1 year ago
“I have tried and conquered an hour of challenging hot ashtanga (as they call it) and I feel brilliant. I bought this e-voucher a week ago as a gift for my self and my girlfriend and would recommend to anyone. not only was it enjoyable but also extremely affordable, especially when compared with the other yoga studios in the area.
warm teachers, good facility and great yoga community made it all very worth while!”

Posted 1 year ago
“First and foremost, I was pleasantly surpirised by the simple approach to yoga which is refreshing to say the least. After having visited a number other facilities it is clear that fitnessonfire have got it just right! It was yoga without the frills and the teachers realised that it was just as much to do with the fitness as it was to with the spiritual benefits. The reason I went was to lose weight, which may I add simply fell off me in the heat of the studio! I now go 3 times a week and not only feel great but have also made a number of new friends who like me can escape the stress of the real world by jumping into the yoga practice.
With love,

Posted 1 year ago
“I enjoyed my hot yoga sessions and some of the teachers were excellent. I liked the relaxing music in some sessions. The facilities are basic but the teachers and staff are warm and inviting.”

Posted 1 year ago
“Great offer, great place, well located and very welcoming teachers and staff. Appeals to all levels of yoga and is a great work out. The only down side is the classes get booked up very very fast so for most you have to wait at least 3 weeks to get on the busiest evening slots.”

Posted 1 year ago
“I enjoyed my hot yoga sessions and some of the teachers were excellent. I liked the relaxing music in some sessions. The facilities are basic but the teachers and staff are warm and inviting.”

Posted 1 year ago
“It is a nice little place, you have to allow time to find the venue though, since it can be a bit tricky with several paths, parks and ways to get there. Once you’re in the yoga room, it is really warm and your body gets hot during the session allowing you to stretch muscles properly. There are so many different classes to choose from, and all instructors bring their own atmosphere and style of practice.”

Posted 1 year ago
“This deal was a real bargain, classes are available throughout the day so you can fit it in to your schedule. Also the yoga centre is really easy to get too.”

Posted 1 year ago
“It’s a great concept to do Yoga in hot environment, however I feel it’s suitable for people who is fit and looking for hardcore training. I enjoyed it when my health and physic was up for it. One day I went without great shape, and felt very difficult and dizzy. Nevertheless, it’s a great experience for me.”